1. What should I wear to the workshop/studio?
Wear comfortable clothing and close-toed shoes—optional, bringing an apron and a rag, especially if you're planning on throwing on the wheel. Clay and glaze will wash out, but it's still best not to wear your favorite stuff.

2. When will my work be ready?
Pickup will be available in 2-3 weeks.
Please allow for drying and firing time. The pieces have to dry out completely before going into the kiln.
Depending on how big or thick your ceramic pieces are, it can take anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks to dry.

The firings can take up to 24 hours and then cool down for another 24 hours.
I will not fire your pieces until they are completely dry to the touch. 

3. What cone do you fire to?
cone 05, cone 5 and cone 6.

4. Kiln Dimensions?
Inside Dimensions (inches): 22 Diameter x 27 Highkiln reaches cone 06 in 9-11 hours and cools down in 24 hourskiln reaches cone 6 in 11-12 hours and cools down in 24 hours.

4. Is my pottery food safe?
The underglazes and glazes I offer are all food-safe.