The studio is equipped with one electric wheel.
Two large Hand Building tables, one glaze table, and 1 Large kiln. All the necessary tools for hand-building and wheel throwing, shelves to store work, drill, and jigsaw.
It also leads to a garden area where you can take breaks if you want. 

Clay, glaze and firing are not included in studio rental

Below are a few places where you can buy clay and glazes. 

Please provide where you bought your clay and glazes from and the cone temperature the ceramic piece(s) can be fired to avoid any issues.
I suggest you keep your receipt.

No previous experience needed!
Hand-building or wheel throwing.

Cost: $85 for 2 hours per person.

Students are limited to 2 pieces per studentβ€”clay, firing, and selecting from 2 glazes included in the price.


The studio is equipped with one electric wheel.
Two large Hand Building tables, one glaze table, and 1 Large kiln. Shelves for storing work and all the necessary tools for hand-building and wheel throwing. It also leads to a garden area where you can take breaks if you want.

Upcoming Workshops 2022

Book workshops here

No refunds once a workshop is booked.*

π“Ž΅π“ŽŸ 𓏋 π“ŽΉ 𓆭 π“Ž΅π“ŽŸ 𓏋 π“ŽΉ π“†­π“Ž΅π“ŽŸ 𓏋 π“ŽΉ 𓆭 
Four options:
(SOLD OUT) Thursday, June 23rd
(SOLD OUT) Sunday, June 26th

(SOLD OUT) Thursday, July 21st

1:30- 6:30PM

ξ€šοΈŽ***SOLD OUT*** ξ€šοΈŽ

 Two options
(SOLD OUT) Saturday, January 22nd
(SOLD OUT) Saturday, February 5th
12 pm - 5 pm


1. What should I wear to the workshop/studio?
Wear comfortable clothing that you don’t care if they get dirty and close-toed shoes.

2. What cone do you fire to 
cone 05, cone 5 and cone 6.

3. What kiln do you have?
I have an electric Skutt kiln

4. Is my pottery food safe?
All of the underglazes and glaze options you will be using for your pieces are food-safe

5. Do I get to glaze my ceramics?
No I glaze your ceramics for you.

6.  When will my work be ready?
Pickup will be available in 2-3 weeks.
Please allow for drying and firing time. The pieces have to dry out completely before going into the kiln.
Depending on how big or thick your ceramic pieces are, it can take anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks to dry.
The firings can take up to 24 hours and then cool down for another 24 hours.
I will not fire your pieces until they are completely dry to the touch.



How to estimate your collective firing cost:
multiply LxWxH=Cubic inch.

Then take the cubic inch amount and multiply by 0.03 cents to get your dollar amount.

(Please note there is a 2β€³minimum for all measurements)

Please email me for kiln rental price.
Prices vary depending on what Cone you fire to.
Prices are for any Cone up to Cone 10 and for a standard firing cycle.

Payment must be made at drop-off, and there is no refund available for breakage, cracking explosion, or imperfect firing of any kind.

The prices indicated are for standard slow firing cycles. Any firings with special requirements such as ramp/ hold are subject to additional fees.
Glaze firing greenware is prohibited.
Pieces must have been bisque fired prior to glaze firing.
I am not to be held responsible for a piece cracking, breaking, blistering, exploding or any other type of unsatisfactory result.

Turn Around Time for Collective Firing
Please return to the studio five days after dropping your piece to be bisque fired. This is enough time to ensure that your work has been fired and unloaded from the kiln. You should expect another five days for your piece to go through the glaze firing. You will get an email from me when your work is ready.